Пишем онлайн-игру Tetris на Javascript


Write a Tetris game in JavaScript

We will look at
* Drawing on a canvas
* Rotating a matrix
* Rudimentary requestAnimationFrame listening
* Handling keyboard input

Since we are writing ES6 this code might not run on all browsers yet. I was running Chrome 53 when I wrote this and if you wish to follow I recommend you do too.


Writing a 2-Player Tetris in JavaScript

In this episode we will refactor the Tetris game written earlier to make it support more than one concurrent player. This also intends to prepare our Tetris code for multi player over internet.

We will learn how to
* Decontaminate global scope.
* Making a class pattern from function pattern.
* Generic refactoring good practices.

Tetris Network Multiplayer over WebSockets in JavaScript

We will look at
* Set and Map data types.
* WebSocket in the browser and in Node.js.
* making a custom Event lib.
* HTML template tag.
* Serializing/Deserializing with JSON.