Design Patterns in Java


Design Patterns in Java

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eLearning | Skill level: Beginner | by Petter Graff

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Understand and Apply Analysis, Architecture, Design and Language Patterns

In this Design Patterns in Java training course, expert author Petter Graff teaches you about the most commonly used design patterns and how to select the correct pattern. This course is designed for users that already have some knowledge of object-oriented programming and design.

You will start by learning about the value of design patterns, then jump into learning when and when not to apply design patterns. This video tutorial will then cover the most commonly used Gang-of-Four patterns, including abstract factory, adapter, builder, command, composite, observer, strategy, and prototype.

Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will be fully knowledgeable of the most commonly used design patterns, as well as be able to select and implement the correct pattern. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
About The Author
How To Access Your Working Files

2. Context Of Patterns
History Of Patterns
What Are Design Patterns?

3. Composite
Composite Lecture
Composite Binary Expression Drawings
Composite Binary Expression Coding

4. Proxy
Proxy Introduction
Proxy Examples
Proxy Class Diagram
Proxy In Code
Proxy Wrapup

5. Adapter
Adapter Introduction
Adapter Discussion
Adapter In Java
Adapter Wrapup

6. Decorator
Decorator Introduction
Decorator Example
Decorator Solution And Discussion
Decorator In Java

7. Facade
Facade Drawing And Discussion

8. Summary Of Pseudo Delegation Patterns
Pseudo Delegation Drawing And Discussion

9. Creational Patterns
Creational Patterns Introduction
What Problem Are The Creational Patterns Solving?
Factory Method
Abstract Factory
Prototype Builder And Singleton

10. Observer
Observer Introduction
Observer Problem
Observer Solution
Observer In Java

11. Command
Command Introduction
Command In Eclipse
Command Summary

12. Template Method
Template Method Introduction And In Code
Template Method Discussion
Template Method Summary

13. Strategy
Strategy Introduction
Strategy Concept
Strategy In Java
Strategy Summary

14. Wrapup