CSS Fundamentals


CSS Fundamentals

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eLearning | Skill level: Beginner | by James Williamson

CSS (aka Cascading Style Sheets) is one of the “big three” languages of the web. It’s used to style text, images, and other page elements, and control their positioning on webpages. CSS saves time because you can change the look of everything on your page—or just one element or section—with a simple line of code. After you have mastered HTML, CSS is the logical next step.

CSS Fundamentals covers the basic concepts, terminology, and techniques you need to read and write CSS. It’s for people who want a big-picture overview before taking hands-on courses. Author James Williamson explains how CSS affects text, borders, backgrounds, and images; how CSS works with HTML; and how the W3C’s evolving CSS specification impacts designers. He also reviews some of the most popular CSS editors and frameworks and lists online tools and resources for further study.

Topics include:

  • What is CSS?
  • Basic selector types
  • Using CSS with HTML
  • How browsers render CSS differently
  • Exploring CSS specifications
  • Checking browser support
  • Working with fonts
  • Understanding the box model
  • Adjusting margins and padding
  • Positioning elements
  • Basic CSS layout concepts
  • Media types and media queries
  • Working with CSS frameworks and CSS grids
  • Table of ContentsIntroduction
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    1. CSS Basics
    What is CSS?
    Default browser styles
    CSS syntax
    Basic selector types
    How CSS works with HTML structure
    CSS authoring options
    How browsers apply styles
    Browser rendering differences

    2. CSS Specifications
    A brief history of CSS
    The current state of CSS
    Exploring CSS specifications
    Reading CSS specifications
    Checking browser support

    3. Common CSS Concepts
    Working with fonts
    Formatting text
    What is the box model?
    Margins & padding
    Working with color
    Common units of measurement
    Element positioning
    Basic CSS layout concepts
    Media types and media queries
    Vendor prefixes
    CSS Resets

    4. CSS Resources
    Using CSS frameworks & grids
    Popular CSS frameworks
    CSS preprocessors
    Additional resources