Bootstrap 3 Essential Training


Bootstrap 3 Essential Training

English | 2015 | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 48KHz 2ch | 4h 55m | 1.05 GB
eLearning | Skill level: Beginner | by Ray Villalobos

Bootstrap is a popular framework designed for building responsive, accessible, and mobile-ready websites. An open-source platform using HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery, it features a 12-column grid, icons you can incorporate into your designs, and fully functional JavaScript components that are ready to use.

This course provides everything you need to know to get started building websites with Bootstrap, and is built with our new practice environments in mind, which let you develop your code along with author Ray Villalobos. Ray will review Bootstrap’s grid, CSS classes, and JavaScript components (dropdowns, modals, carousels, and more), and help you integrate them into your own sophisticated websites.

Topics include:

  • Understanding containers
  • Using the 12-column grid to create a responsive webpage layout
  • Creating rows and columns
  • Styling content with Bootstrap CSS classes
  • Adding CSS styles
  • Creating and styling forms
  • Creating dropdown menus and buttons
  • Adding images and video
  • Exploring JavaScript components, like carousels, tabs, tool tips, and scrolling

Table of Contents

Using the exercise files

1. Getting Started
Introduction and installation options
Creating a basic template using CDNs
Downloading and installing manually

2. Working with the Bootstrap Grid
Understanding Bootstrap containers
Working with rows
Creating columns
Using multiple column classes
Resetting columns
Offsetting columns
Nesting columns
Customizing column order with push and pull

3. Exploring Basic Bootstrap CSS Classes
Styling headings and body copy
Analyzing inline text styles
Modifying alignment,transformation, and abbreviations
Using blockquotes
Working with list styles
Styling code

4. Adding Other CSS Styles
Working with Bootstrap buttons
Exploring table styles
Adding image classes
Understanding Bootstrap helper classes
Using responsive utilities

5. Styling Forms
Creating a basic form
Formatting radio and checkbox controls
Using inline forms
Styling a horizontal form
Using validation styles
Using input groups
Using miscellaneous styles and sizing
Using icons

6. Navigation Components
Creating a dropdown
Using button groups
Understanding the Bootstrap nav component
Adding content to the navbar
Collapsing your navigation
Using breadcrumbs and pagination styles

7. Media Components
Creating a Jumbotron and page header
Working with labels and badges
Using the thumbnail style
Adding media styles
Flowing video with responsive embeds

8. Content Containers
Styling list groups
Working with panels
Using wells

9. Using JavaScript Components
Creating a carousel
Creating modals
Controlling tabs with JavaScript
Crafting collapsible content and accordions
Creating a tooltip
Adding a popover
Controlling menus with ScrollFix/Affix