HTML & CSS : Code Your Own Interactive Websites


HTML & CSS : Code Your Own Interactive Websites

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eLearning | Skill level: All Levels | by Somenath Sen

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Learn HTML5 and CSS3 and code your own Interactive websites in no time.

If you are in Business you know how importance a website is. It is like your business identy. but when you want to create your own webiste and contact a webdesigner, they’ll charge you thousand of dollars to create that. Because they know how write code to make a website and you don’t. But think if you know how to write code and create your own website, it’s not just save you money it also make you money, How? just create websites for others and they will pay you thousand of dolars just doing that. So that’s why this course are. In this course I’ll tech HTML and CSS the language behind every website.

In the first chapter we start with HTML5. First of all we learn what is html and learn it’s syntax and semantics. Then we move onto basic document structure, how to properly section pages and how to use HTML to format page content using phrase elements and font markup language.

After that, we’ll explore how to properly create hyperlinks and lists. Finally, we look at html5 forms and table. And also explaning html5 audio and video tags and some embed tag like iframe.

On the next chapter we move onto styling part the CSS. In this chapter you will learn about what CSS is and what it can do for you. we start with CSS syntax then move onto fonts, colours, margins, padding, lines, links, height, width, background images. We also take an in depth look at advanced positions like absolute position, relative position and fixed position. Also we look at how to create beautiful gradient effects and many other cool things.

Thanks for watching this video, and I can’t wait to show you how easy it is to begin writing html and CSS code to create your own website.

What are the requirements?

  • Computer / Laptop
  • Internet Connection
  • Text Editor [Free Resource Include]
  • Passionate About Learning New Things

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 63 lectures and 4.5 hours of content!
  • Learn What is HTML5
  • Learn Important of HTML5
  • Learn how to formatting content
  • Learn how to displaying images
  • Learn how to use Heading, Paragraph, and DIV elements
  • Learn Table and Form elements
  • Learn how to creating lists (OL, UL, DL)
  • Learn How to Control styling using Phrase elements and Font markup
  • Learn how to using audio tag, video tag, iframe and more
  • Learn What Is CSS3
  • Learn What Is CSS Syntax
  • How to Exploring Font Properties
  • Learn How To Style using Colours, Margins, Padding, Lines
  • Learn How To Style Links With There States
  • Learn Height, Width And Max. Height, Max. Width
  • Learn Difference Between Background Color And Images
  • Learn Advanced Positions Like Absolute, Relative, Fixed Positions
  • Learn How To Create Gradient Color In CSS And Much More

What is the target audience?

  • Web Designers
  • Web Developers
  • Students
  • Total Beginners
  • Bloggers
  • People Passionate About Web Design
  • Anyone Who Want To Learn Code

Table of Contents

1 – Introduction:
First Setup Our Tools and Development Environment.mp4
Introduction To The Course.mp4
Understand Website File And Folder Structure.mp4

2 – Drive Into HTML5:
Create your first HTML5 file.mp4
Creating Span Tags.mp4
Font Markup Elements to Design your Fonts in HTML5.mp4
How to Create DIVS.mp4
How to Create HTML5 Tables.mp4
How to Create Iframe Tags.mp4
How to Create Links.mp4
How to Create Paragraph.mp4
How to Embed Sound Cloud Audio In a HTML5 Page.mp4
How to Embed Youtube Videos In a HTML5 Page.mp4
How to Link Images.mp4
HTML5 Audio Tag.mp4
HTML5 Comments.mp4
HTML5 Forms – How to Create Checkbox.mp4
HTML5 Forms – How to Create Dropdown List.mp4
HTML5 Forms – How to Create Image Button.mp4
HTML5 Forms – How to Create Password Input.mp4
HTML5 Forms – How to Create Radio Button.mp4
HTML5 Forms – How to Create Reset Button.mp4
HTML5 Forms – How to Create Submit Button.mp4
HTML5 Forms – Text Input.mp4
HTML5 Headings – H1 to H6.mp4
HTML5 head meta tag part 1.mp4
HTML5 head meta tag part 2.mp4
HTML5 Lists – Order List.mp4
HTML5 Title Tag.mp4
HTML5 Video Tag.mp4
HTML Lists – Definition List.mp4
HTML Lists – Unorder List.mp4
Link Custom favicon in the Head.mp4
Link External CSS File in the Head.mp4
Link External Javascript File in the Head.mp4
Phrase Elements in HTML5.mp4
Script Tags in HTML5.mp4
Style Tags in HTML5.mp4
Understand HTML5 Document.mp4

3 – Understanding Styling – The CSS3:
Absolute Position in CSS.mp4
CSS Background Color And Image Style – Part 1.mp4
CSS Background Color And Image Style – Part 2.mp4
CSS Box Model.mp4
Fixed Position in CSS.mp4
Height And Width In CSS.mp4
How to Create Gradients in CSS.mp4
How To Create Your First CSS3 File.mp4
How to Style Fonts Using Style Elements.mp4
How to Style Hyperlinks.mp4
How to Style Text Using Style Elements.mp4
How to Write CSS Comments.mp4
Max. Height and Max. Width in CSS.mp4
Pseudo Class in CSS.mp4
Relative Position in CSS.mp4
Side By Side Boxes Using Float.mp4
Understand CSS Class.mp4
Understand CSS ID’s.mp4
Understand CSS Margins.mp4
Understand CSS Padding.mp4
What is Child Selectors in CSS .mp4
What is CSS Syntax.mp4
What is External CSS Style.mp4
What is Internal CSS Style.mp4