Introduction to Data Structures & Algorithms in Java


Introduction to Data Structures & Algorithms in Java

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Designed to help understand the fundamentals of DS & Algorithms really well. A must have for programming interviews.

This course introduces some basic data structures (arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees and heaps) and algorithms (various sorting algorithms, and algorithms for operations on binary search trees and heaps). We will also cover recursion in this course. Use of graphics and animations makes the lectures very easy to understand and digest. After taking this course, you will loose your fear for data structures and algorithms.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Algorithms
Chapter Quiz Quiz.html
Euclids algorithm.mp4
Bubble Sort algorithm.mp4
Why study data structures algorithms.mp4
Correctness of an algorithm.mp4

2. Analysis of Algorithms
Chapter Quiz Quiz.html
How to calculate the time complexity.mp4
The RAM model of computation.mp4
Time complexity of Bubble sort algorithm.mp4
Pseudo code Bubble sort algorithm.mp4
The Big O notation.mp4
Using Big O notation Examples.mp4
Comparison of running times.mp4

3. Basic Sorting and Search Algorithms
Chapter Quiz Quiz.html
In place sorting.html
Selection Sort.mp4
Selection Sort Pseudocode.mp4
Introduction to Insertion Sort.mp4
Applying Insertion Sort algorithm to cue balls.mp4
Insertion Sort Pseudocode.mp4
On sorting algorithms – Comparison.mp4
Stable Vs Unstable Sorts.mp4
Searching elements in an un ordered array.mp4
Searching elements in an ORDERED array.mp4
Searching elements in an ORDERED array – contd..mp4
Inserting and Deleting items in an ORDERED array.mp4
Sorting any type of object.mp4

4. Linked Lists
Chapter Quiz Quiz.html
Using java generics to parameterize the LinkedList.html
What is a Linked List.mp4
Implementing a Linked List in Java.mp4
Inserting a new Node.mp4
Length of a Linked List.mp4
Deleting the head node.mp4
Searching for an Item.mp4
Doubly Ended Lists.mp4
Inserting data in a sorted Linked List.mp4
Doubly Linked List.mp4
Insertion Sort revisited.mp4

5. Stacks and Queues
Chapter Quiz Quiz.html
Abstract Data Types.mp4
Implementing Stacks using Arrays.mp4
Queues using Arrays.mp4
Double Ended Queues.mp4
Double Ended Queues using Arrays.mp4

6. Recursion
Chapter Quiz Quiz.html
Understanding Recursion.mp4
Tail recursion.mp4
Tower of Hanoi.mp4
Tower of Hanoi – Implementation.mp4
Merge Sort.mp4
Merge Sort – Pseudocode.mp4
Merge Step – Pseudocode.mp4
Time Complexity of Merge Sort.mp4

7. Binary Search Trees
Chapter Quiz Quiz.html
The Tree Data structure.mp4
Binary Trees.mp4
Binary Search Trees.mp4
Finding an item in a Binary Search Tree.mp4
Implementing the find method.mp4
Inserting an item in a Binary Search Tree.mp4
Deleting an Item Case 1.mp4
Deleting an Item – Case 2.mp4
Deleting an Item – Case 3.mp4
Deleting an Item – Soft Delete.mp4
Finding smallest largest values.mp4
Tree Traversal In Order.mp4
Tree Traversal Pre Order.mp4
Tree Traversal Post Order.mp4
Unbalanced Trees Vs Balanced Trees.mp4
Height of a Binary Tree.mp4
Time Complexity of Operations on Binary Search Trees.mp4

8. More Sorting Algorithms
Chapter Quiz Quiz.html
QuickSort The partition step.mp4
Shell Sort.mp4
Shell Sort Example.mp4
Counting Sort.mp4
Radix Sort.mp4
Bucket Sort.mp4

9. Heaps
Chapter Quiz Quiz.html
Deleting the root.mp4
Inserting an item in a heap.mp4
Heaps as Priority Queues.mp4
Representing heaps using Arrays.mp4
Heap Sort.mp4
Building a heap.mp4

10. Hashtables
Chapter Quiz Quiz.html
Direct Access Tables.mp4
Resolving collisions through chaining.mp4
The Hash function.mp4
Open Addressing to resolve collisions.mp4
Strategies for Open Addressing.mp4
Time Complexity Open Addressing.mp4


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