Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Tutorials


The full set of Cross Site Scripting Tutorials covering what is xss, what is cross site scripting, Non persistent scritps, reflected xss, persistent scripts, Redirect attacks, malicious attacks, cookie stealing, bypassing basic filters, bypassing more advanced filters, Then we analyze the Tweet Deck XSS jQuery code. Handy if your already know HTML & JavaScript.

XSS Tutorial #1 — What is Cross Site Scripting?

XSS Tutorial #2 — Non Persistent Scripts (Reflected XSS)

XSS Tutorial #3 — Persistent Scripts

XSS Tutorial #4 — Malicious Attacks

XSS Tutorial #5 — Avoiding Basic Filters

XSS Tutorial #6 — Avoiding Advanced Filters & Protecting Against XSS

XSS Tutorial #7 — Twitter’s Tweet Deck XSS (June 2014)