Лучший способ изучить JavaScript

Лучший способ изучить JavaScript
Лучший способ изучить JavaScript

Книги по JavaScript

  1. JavaScript & jQueryby Jon Duckett
  2. JavaScript for Kidsby Nick Morgan
  3. JavaScript & jQueryby Jon Duckett
  4. JavaScript for Catsby Maxwell Ogden
  5. Learn Javascript Design Patternsby Addy Osmani
  6. JavaScript: The Definitive Guideby David Flanagan
  7. JavaScript: The Good Partsby Douglas Crockford
  8. ECMAScript Language Specificationby Ecma International
  9. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programsby Abelson and Sussman
  10. Smalltalk-80: The Language and its Implementationby Goldberg and Robson
  11. React.js Essentialsby Artemij Fedosejev
  12. JavaScript Patternsby Stoyan Stefanov
  13. You Don’t Know JSby Kyle Simpson
  14. Google Web Fundamentalsby Google
  15. JavaScript glossary on demandby Andrea Giammarchi
  16. Eloquent Javascriptby Marijn Haverbeke


Рекомендуемые курсы по JavaScript

  1. CodeCademy
  2. CodeEval
  3. Coderbyte
  4. CodeSchool
  5. Egghead.io
  6. FreeCodeCamp
  7. Frontend Masters
  8. Khan Academy
  9. TeamTreeHouse



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